Smart Boys Bad Grades The BBC calls Coates and Draves work Fascinating.
smart boys bad grades

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How Girls Are Affected by the Anti-Boy Bias in Grading

The Solution in Action

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Additional articles, reviews of research and commentary about why Smart Boys get Bad Grades.

The Solution in Action
How one college changed its admissions policy and the percentage of men went from 36% up to 44% within just a few years.  Plus, retention and graduation rates not only did not fall, retention and graduation rates actually went up!

How Girls Are Affected by the Anti-Boy Bias in Grading
The myth is that somehow girls benefit when boys don’t go to the college. In fact, girls do not benefit from the anti-boy gender bias in grading in school and college.

There are five ways in which girls are negatively affected by the anti-boy bias in grading.

The Evidence Homework Grading is Gender Biased
Our latest supplement to "Smart Boys Bad Grades" with more research studies and other evidence that homework grading is gender biased. Download the PDF for this report.

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